Move. Nourish. Recover. Thrive.

Group Coaching to Play to Your Best

Are you done with searching for a training program that gets you to your goals, fits into your life AND works for your body in this life stage?  
Stop Looking. 
Group Coaching with Project 51 is here.
Project 51 is a holistic, expert led group program that transforms the way you exercise, nourish and fuel your activities so you thrive in both sport and life in perimenopause and beyond. 
  • Train with the components of intensity and strength so you keep your muscle, strengthen your bones and thrive in movement for the long-term.
  • ​Participate in the events that inspire you! This coaching program is about fitness and strength for life, for fun and for those times that you want to do something a little crazy because YOU CAN! (Caution: You may find yourself getting a performance best!)
  • Nourish your body with whole foods and fuel your activity without worrying that you are missing something, going to break down or fail in the attempt. YES! You will discover exactly what you need before, during and after training and figure out ways to do it. 
  • Take on recovery in a way that helps you adapt to stress and builds you up in confidence, energy and strength.
  • ​Be part of a group that supports you in your own training and accountability with group coaching calls once a week. 
And right now, you can get the FREE Element Cookbook to nourish and fuel with whole foods!

Group Coaching to Play to Your Best

Project 51 is created with the following principles:
  • Perimenopause is a life stage, not a life sentence. We hold the power and knowledge to work with our unique body.
  • We use whole food to nourish and fuel our body and do not subscribe to diets and fads.  We use supplements to address a particular issue and when our body needs a little extra help!
  • As athletes we have unique nutrition requirements that will help us maintain strength and fitness for the long-term. 
  • ​We believe that anyone who intentionally puts exercise into their day is an athlete; Athletes do not look a certain way, have a certain time or need to be anyone but themselves to show up fully. Your individual accountability is upheld in group (weekly meetings).
  • We use the science when available to guide best-practices for the whole athlete but at the end of the day we are 100% unique and will find what works best for our body.

Here's how it works...
Project 51 is a 6 month commitment of personal accountability that will get you to your best health, strength and fitness. You will play to your best and be supported at weekly office hour and biweekly coaching calls.  After 6 months intensive you have the opportunity to continue with periodized training at only $99 / month or $37 / month for membership only (no training program)! 

Same amazing program! 

Why six months? Because it takes time to uncover what works for YOUR body and to learn how to apply it. If you follow the program, have set appropriate goals for your sport history and current abilities and don't get the results you want, you get your full money back. 

We are confident that this program can change lives. 
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Ann Green
Cognitive Executive Organizer
Mobility and Recovery Specialist
Tenille Hoogland
Founder of Element Sports Coaching 
 Perimenopause and Beyond
Keira Shumuk
Director, Kinesiologist at Real Fit Personal Training
Ashley Marie
Certified Personal Trainer
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  Monthly multisport or single sport training program with personal accountability and a weekly group check-in. Program includes strength, endurance, mobility and recovery practices.  
  •  An 4-week intensive program with weekly check-in to get to a whole new level of how your body and mind can thrive and be in sync through perimenopause and beyond.
  •  Weekly "Office Hours" to touch base with coaches and ask your MNTR questions. 
  • ​Instructional videos to follow for strength and mobility programming.
  • Live, Zoom or recorded 45-60 minute indoor spin sessions 2 times / week from October to March.
  • ​Live or recorded 45min mobility / strength Session with Ann Green 
  • ​An amazing community of like-minded females (mid-30s to 60+) connected through exclusive Facebook Group, that are living full and active lives.
  • ​Coaching Calls with new content (2x/month) with Expert Coaches Tenille Hoogland and/or Ann Green
  • ​Guest Experts and access to all Perimenopausal Athlete and Beyond Interviews (70+)
That's well over $1500 per month... 
for $297 USD / month

 After 6 months intensive we shift to lifestyle training thriving maintenance which is only $99 / month (including training program and EVERY other Team benefit!) or $37 / month for membership!

You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

You Don't Have to Be Fast OR A Certain Shape To Want to Feel DAmn Good, Confident and To Be Strong.

So, what happens after I say YES!
You will be sent an email with several links to get connected.  
  • Coach/Athlete Contract: This contract outlines our commitment and accountability to the program.
  • Learning Platform: Each week you will be sent an email with resources and videos that will take you step-by-step to uncover your mindset, nutrition, training and recovery needs so you can thrive! 
  • ​Training Program: The training program is provided through an online software called Training Peaks. You can use Training Peaks on your mobile, desktop or be emailed your workouts each day. It is up to you! 
Coaching Calls
Coaching Calls are two times per month.  They are recorded and summarized so if you are not able to attend you do not miss a thing!  You always have the option to post a question and get it answered!
Private Facebook Group
We love to celebrate and share information.  This facebook group is just for you and other members of the community.  It is a community committed to lifting each other up, inspiring each other and connecting. 
Is this just for elite athletes?
Absolutely not.  This is for females who want to get into a routine of exercise that will enable them to get to the goals that inspire them. No matter whether you have been training forever or are new, we start at the basics of movement and take on the cardiovascular work that is appropriate for where you are starting from. 

I don't swim, bike or run but I love to row (or insert any other sport). Can this program work for me?
The amazing thing about the heart is that it does not know whether you are swimming, biking or doing any other type of exercise.  Just like any other muscle, your heart needs to be worked and the workout prescriptions are about HOW you take on that work. 

Do I have to use a lot of technology? 
We use perceived exertion, heart rate and if available power meters on the bike.  Technology can help us target our training efforts, elicit the training stimulus needed to maximize return on energy investment and to demonstrate progress.  That being said the most valuable technology is your being able to determine where you are at and how you feel... and this is precisely what we learn.

What equipment do I need? 
For strength work, you will need some stretch bands and ideally some home weights. As you progress you may want to have access to gym equipment to increase the weight lifted.

What will I learn about in nutrition?
You will have confidence in how to nourish the body to manage stressors including training and perimenopause.  You will create a nutrition strategy that accounts for your individual needs in training, racing and in life.  We do NOT focus on calories although we may use them to understand and gain awareness of what we are doing. We use a whole food approach but also understand that sometimes our body needs support of supplements or sport confectionary!
What are the learning modules and what if I get behind?
The learning modules follow the mindset, nutrition, training and recovery (MNTR) integrated training system. The learning process is entirely a unique experience and you will go through it in your own time and as your life allows. You will ALWAYS have access to ALL the resources as long as you are a member of Project 51 or Team Element.  It is not recommended you rush through it. 

 Do you individualize my training program?  
You learn how to adjust your training and move the  workouts so it fits into your life, responds to your own stressors and energy! This is critical to the process as nothing in perimenopause is a straight line. 

I  have one event that I am targeting. Will this get me there? OR I have multiple events that I am training for. Can you adjust this program.
While this program is not individualized to specific events, this program will prepare you to participate in events as they come up in your life! That is precisely the point :) You will earn the fitness and strength to PLAY and PARTICIPATE fully in your life in events that inspire you! 

It will be your responsibility to ensure that you have completed the appropriate volume for the event distance you wish to do. AND you will be guided to know exactly what that distance is!  If you are looking to compete in multiple events, want a competitive performance best or wish to have your data analyzed and commented on, you are looking for a one-on-one coaching relationship! Please contact Tenille at to discuss your goals!

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